Monday, August 25, 2008


The Jharkhand Government has accorded 'industry status' to the tourism sector and has initiated various steps to attract investment into it. For the purpose, it has been offering several incentives for the provision of certain tourist facilities by the private investors. This includes:- hotels & motels; yatrika & yatriniwas; tourist resorts; camps & facilities for adventure tourism; aerial ropeway; amusement parks; etc.

There are various places of tourist attraction in the State, which include:- Ichagarh Bird Sanctuary; Udhava Bird Sanctuary-Sahibganj (Pathara Lake); Chachro Crocodile Breeding Centre–Koderma (Tilaya Dam); Chandrapura Bird Sanctuary; Jawaharlal Nehru Zoological Garden (Bokaro); Tenughat Bird Sanctuary; Dalma Wild Life Sanctuary (Jamshedpur); Tata Steel Zoological Park (Jamshedpur); Palkote Wild Life Sanctuary (Gumla); Bhagwan Birsa Zoological Gardens (Ranchi); Birsa Deer Sanctuary (Kalmati Ranchi); Betla National Park (Palamau); Ranchi Aquarium (Ranchi) and Hazaribagh National Park; Tatoloi hot water stream (Dumka) and Saranda Forest. Besides, there are some famous temples like Jharkhand Dham; Langta Baba Temple/Majar; Bindhvashini Temple; etc.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Education encompasses both the teaching and learning of knowledge, good conduct, and technical aptitude. It thus focuses on the cultivation of skills, profession, trades sessions, as well as moral, mental & aesthetic development.

Proper education consists of systematic training, instruction and training by professional teachers. This consists of the application of pedagogy and the growth of curricula. In a liberal education tradition, teachers draw on many different disciplines for their lessons, including psychology, philosophy, in sequence technology, biology, linguistics and sociology. Teachers in expert professions such as astrophysics, law, or zoology may teach only in a narrow area, frequently as professors at institutions of higher learning. There is much specialist instruction in fields of trade for those who want specific skills, such as required to be a pilot, for example. Finally, there is an array of educational opportunity in the informal sphere- for this reason; society subsidizes institutions such as museums and libraries. Informal education also includes knowledge and skills learned and refined during the course of life, including education that comes from experience in practicing a profession.

Monday, August 11, 2008

List of vineyard soil types

The soil composition of vineyards is one of the significant viticultural considerations when planting grape vines. The soil supports the root structure of the vine and influences the drainage levels and amount of minerals and nutrients that the vine is uncovered to. The ideal circumstance for a vine is an area of thin topsoil and subsoil that adequately retain waters but also has good drainage so that the vine roots don't become overly soaked. The ability of the soil to retain heat and/or reproduce it back up to the vine is also a vital consideration that affects the ripening of the grape.

There are more than a few minerals that are very important to the health of vines that all good vineyard soils have. These include calcium which helps to counteract the Soil pH levels, iron which is necessary for photosynthesis, magnesium which is a significant component of chlorophyll, nitrogen which is assimilated in the form of nitrates, phosphates which encourage root development, and potassium which improve the vine metabolisms and increase it health for next year's crop.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


FOB is also known as Freight on Board OR Free On .Freight on board means that the exporter delivers the goods at the specified location. Example, FOB Kunming Airport the exporter delivers the goods at Kunming airport. This means exporter is bounce to deliver the goods at the Kunming Airport at his cost and expenses. In the case, the freight and other expenses for outbound traffic is bear by the importer.

CIF is also known as Cost, Insurance, and Freight.Insurance and Freight are all remunerated by the exporter to the particular location. Example, CIF Los Angeles (the exporter pays the ocean shipping/air freight costs to Los Angeles including the insurance).