Wednesday, March 21, 2007


A motorcycle (or motorbike) is a two-wheeled vehicle powered by an engine. The wheels are in-line, and at higher speed the motorcycle remains upright and stable by virtue of gyroscopic forces; at lower speeds repeated readjustment of the steering by the rider gives constancy. The rider sits astride the vehicle on a seat, with hands on a set of handlebars which are used to steer the motorcycle, in conjunction with the rider shifting his weight through his feet, which are supported on a set of "footpegs" or "pegs" which stick out from the frame

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The inspiration for the earliest motorcycle was designed and built by the German inventors since 1905. In 1885The first petroleum-powered vehicle, it was essentially a motorized bicycle, although the inventors called their invention the Reitwagen "riding a car". Motorcycles are good vehicles, though it's dangerous to ride on it in a high speed rate.