Monday, December 08, 2008

Mandir Shri Dad Devi Mata Ji

Cause of Establishment: The Tanwar Rajputs hold Mother Goddess Shri Dadh Devi as their clan goddess. It is they who built this temple. In due course of time, the Maharaja of Kota Shri Ummed Shinghji Hada built one more temple near the principal temple and he wanted the idol to be shifted to this new temple, but despite all his efforts, the idol could not be moved and the idol did not buzz. The Hada kings perform their Navratras of Ashwin at this temple and on the fifth Navratra, a big fair is also held.

Brief of the Diety: The Goddess is seated on a lion. She is ten armed and each arm holds a weapon. This idol is in stone.In her ten arms who holds reymitar,discus, mace,lance,arrow,and bow Bludgeon, bhushundi,skull and conch. The three-eyed goddess, well-clad does glow with splenderous tinge of sapphire glean .Ten headed , ten froted mahakali, I venerate To kill madhu and Kaitabha when Hari was asleep whom lotus born Brahma too did propitiate.

Important Architectural Characteristics:
The temple is built in the Nagar style of architecture. The temple has been built on a square platform and its roof is supported by 12 pillars which give the temple a square shape. Infront of the temple is a holy water kund which is filled with water coming from under the inner temple. The sanctum sanctorum is also square. The dome of the temple is round shaped and on the top is built a lotus flower.

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