Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TAKE A LOOK-Russia, Ukraine sign deal on gas flows

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered the
resumption of gas supplies via Ukraine to Europe on Tuesday, six
days after a Russian- Ukrainian price row cut deliveries in
freezing temperatures.

Following are key stories about the dispute. Double click on
the square brackets below:
> Russia says starts gas flows via Ukraine [nLD708539]
> All parties sign Russia-Ukraine gas deal--source [nLC376325]
> Bulgaria seeks EU aid to ease Russia gas dependence[nLC229577]
> Yushchenko aide: low Russian gas stocks delay deal [nLC254302]
> No reason for Russia not to resume gas - EU [nBRU007160]
> TIMELINE-Gas crises between Russia and Ukraine [nLC323043]
> Ukraine president calls for gas talks with Russia [nLC336966]
> Slovakia awaits gas talks outcome before nuke resta[nLC332967]
> EU to hear Slovakia on nuclear plant restart [nBRU007164]
> Hungary says has gas for own needs [nLC163177]
> Ukraine faces gas price battle despite EU deal [nLB19916]
> Energy ministers to meet amid Europe's gas crisis [nLB727930]
> Naftogaz financial future in doubt - auditors [nLB33061]
> Ukrainian despair at politicians in gas row [ID:nLA196509]
> Russian gas to Balkans will take 3-7 days-Greece[ID:nLB702970]
> Hungary to continue gas supply to Balkans [ID:nLB665632]
> Croatia secures gas imports from Germany [ID:nLA252667]
> European fuel oil market unmoved by Russian gas cut [LC69626]
> Gas crisis, a PR coup for French nuclear industry [nL8349259]
> Russia, Ukraine need oil-linked gas deal [nLC418993]
> Q+A-What next in Russia-Ukraine gas dispute? [nLB67371]
> COLUMN-Ukraine gas crisis spurs EU energy policy [nLA494113]
> Gas row exposes east Europe's Achilles heel [ID:nL8408013]
> Gas row risks long damage to Russia's reputation[ID:nL9192050]
> Russia-Ukraine middleman may hold key [ID:nL8351791]
> Gazprom chief does business in Kremlin shadow [ID:nLA180771]
> EU needs to invest in Nabucco, act jointly [ID:nL9376154]
> Q&A: What next in Russia-Ukraine gas dispute? [ID:nLB67371]
> FACTBOX-Russia rejects Kiev additions to deal ID:nLB90948]
> FACTBOX-Impact in Ukraine of gas cut [ID:nL9320185]
> FACTBOX-Europe gas stocks and how long they last[ID:nL0596237]
> FACTBOX-Major disputes between Russia, Ukraine [ID:nL3514397]
> FACTBOX-Top Russian gas customers in Europe [ID:nLV90716]
> TIMELINE of Russian energy disputes [ID:nLV194881]


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