Thursday, February 05, 2009

Trend Micro offers parental control s/w

BANGALORE, INDIA: Is your computer safe from viruses? How many spam mails do you delete daily? Is your child aware of the viruses that disguise as credible sites? These common questions apply not only to professionals and computer users in office, but also a PC user at home.

If you thought only computers at work place are prone to virus attacks, then your are wrong. A single PC at home, with an Internet connection, is made use of adults as well as the modern day 'tech-savvy' children for homework, to play games, chat with friends and watch animations. Youngsters are seldom aware of the potential threats when they are using the Internet. Predators in the world wide web appear in various forms, and employ various methods by asking you questions and gathering your personal information to engage in all sorts of illegal activities. Now, you can easily fight such threats and control your child's activities with the 'Advanced Parental Control Software' embedded in the Trend Micro Internet Security 2009.

The Parental Control solution comes along with the Trend Micro Internet Security package 'TM Internet Security'. Today, Trend Micro enjoys the credit of being the only company which offers this Internet Security Software that provides end-to-end, detailed and intuitive advanced parental control.

Giving more details about Trend Micro Internet Security 2009 package, Amith Nath, country head, Trend Micro says: " With Trend Micro Internet Security 2009 (TIS), we enter the commercial vertical in the country. TIS has been built around Smart Protection network which means the user is protected from malicious web, email and document attacks. TIS is a robust security suite which also has goods like mobile security, PC optimization and advanced parental control embedded in one software package. "

"The software also prevents accidental leakage of private information, which means, it prevents children from revealing personal information via the web, inter messaging tool and the email. The child may enter the phone number or address or credit card number which in turn would be all garbled and not understood by the receiver," he explains.

The parental control feature allows -

  • Limited Internet access by time of day and day of week, that would show a reminding pop up five minutes before the Internet access time is up. This way, the parents can control the timing when the child sits before the PC
  • Blocks the sites parents do not want the child to access. Further, this can be done by age level of the child. TIS software solution comes with four pre-set categories - Child, Teenager, Adult, and None. Parents can choose from these categories or customize it to their desire which could mean blocking gaming, gambling, social networking or any sites they would want to
  • Prevents accidental leakage of private information by the child using the PC

The software is available in both single and three license packages which are valid for a year. TIS can be bought online as well from Trend Micro authorized distributors/sub distributors. From January end it will also be available in retail stores.


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